Kaweco Classic Fountain Pen – WHITE


Perfect for signing your wedding certificate or for friends and family to sign the guest book, the German-made Kaweco Classic (first designed in the 1930s), is an excellent vintage-meets-contemporary fountain pen. Kaweco ensures excellent quality, durability and a little bit of pen design history.

The Classic is very compact when capped at 10.5cm and slips easily into a pocket or purse. When the cap is removed and ‘posted’ on the end of the barrel it extends to 13.3cm: a comfortable length for writing. The Classic has a screw cap and a stainless steel, iridium-tipped nib made by the Bock family of Heidelberg, Germany. These nibs are famous for their consistency. An iridium tip protects the nib from abrasion by contact with paper. Kaweco Classic fountain pens are refilled with standard international ink cartridges, such as those made by J. Herbin or Kaweco. This fountain pen is presented in clear hangsell packaging.

NIB: Medium

INK: Blue

REFILLING MECHANISM: Standard international ink cartridges, such as J. Herbin or Kaweco

LENGTH: 10.5cm capped; 13.3cm with cap posted

MATERIALS: ABS plastic barrel, gold plated trim, 23kt Gold Plated

SOURCE: Made in Germany

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